Business internet service

When you need a improve your business internet service, or looking to compare prices, we can help.

Why choose us to place the order?

  • If you have a short timeline, some companies have longer lead times for installation. We can find the company with the shortest lead time.
  • Special offers – leverage a company that is offering bundled pricing on products. We’ve found bundled pricing that triples their bandwidth for $300 more than their current bill.
  • Fiber installations can take 90 days or longer. We can offer interim solutions that can be operational in as little as 14 days.
  • The name brand company may not be the cheapest – resellers can offer the same name brand service for less.
  • Obtain competitive quotes (usually available)

In addition, by placing the order through us, we will include the following services:

  • Place the order for you
  • Track the progress of the order
  • Help coordinate the installation date
  • Answer your questions in a timely manner

For fee services:

  • Onsite testing of the network at the time of broadband installation
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Migration from the old internet to the new service

When going through tenant improvement with the landlord, additional services we offer include:

  • Work with your management team to identify your data needs in the new space
  • Work with your architect to properly plan your computer locations
  • Plan proper cooling for your equipment
  • Plan security for your equipment
  • Secure your infrastructure
  • Install the low voltage wiring
  • Design wireless access point placement
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