Wi-Fi Design & Troubleshooting

In a short period of time, Wi-Fi has come a long way. Do you subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality”? Are you still hanging on to some old Wi-Fi devices? They could be the reason for slow performance on your network.

Here are some reasons Wi-Fi slows down:

  • Too many devices on your wireless network – some access points (AP) start slowing own with as few as 10 devices on the network.
  • Interference – this could be from microwaves, cordless phones, nearby wireless access points, or any other device capable of generating wireless signals.
  • Slow wireless devices – think of wireless like driving on a single lane country road in a very fast sports car. When there’s no traffic, you are flying down the road. However, when that tractor pulls out in front of you, you slow down to the speed of the tractor and there’s no way to pass – that’s wireless.

We own an Ekahaus spectrum analyzer which let’s us see all devices transmitting wirelessly in your neighborhood, and can tell you if there’s interference from other wireless devices that might be hard to identify (because it could belong to somebody else, or be out of sight).

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