Welcome to Un1teee (pronounced unity). Founded in 2009, we are a custom I.T. consulting firm serving businesses ranging from solopreneurs to mid-size businesses focused on managing risk. We provide a one-stop approach to providing top-notch service to our customers.

If you are a non-technical business owner, and would simply like to be able to focus on your business, then we are a good fit for you. Allow us to serve as your trusted advisor, to guide you through the maze of technology, to anticipate your needs, to steer you around any technology roadblocks, and to help manage the risk to your business that technology brings with it. We take a comprehensive approach to evaluating the I.T.  aspects of your entire business, and processes, then develop plans to work within your  requirements, and just handle I.T. ®.
Besides the basics of Windows and Mac desktop computer support, we offer a wide array of other services, ranging from web design and hostingWi-Fi design, tenant improvement construction project management, down to managing mobile devices. Feel free to browse around and see why we are a trusted provider of technology services.

Just Handle I.T. is the registered trademark of Un1teee. All rights reserved

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We are a full service I.T. company. However, these are the core services that we offer (click on the link for additional detail about each service):

Compliance assessments – Do you need to demonstrate that you are compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, NIST or other standards? We can provide a written assessment and ongoing compliance monitoring for your business.

Business internet service – The big carrier that you know isn’t the only game in town. Let us price shop your connection for the best deal and manage the entire order process for you.

Windows and Mac desktop computer support – Focus on your business. Let us support you and/or your staff to keep you productive.

Project Management – We’ve run projects for Fortune 200 companies. See how we can deliver on time, and on budget.

Tenant improvement construction – In this age where many things are driven by technology, make sure your new office space is ready to take you in to the future.

Additional services we offer.

Technology Risk Management – Technology has created a new set of risks for your business – many of which you may not be familiar with.

Chief Technology Officer – Personalized service to guide how  your business integrates the use of technology to supports the growth and success of your company.

Web Design – Many WordPress designers create custom themes that are not upgradable, causing security problems – see why we are different.

Web Hosting – We’ll manage software updates, security, site backup.

Technology Makeover – Personalized coaching to help you leverage technology. Very beneficial for non-technical business owners and executives.

Microsoft Office 365 email – Tired of unreliable email? Do you have duplicate emails on different devices? Need to send/receive larger attachments?

Software Design and Analysis – Wondering how to scale up, or increase efficiency? Leverage custom software to transform your company.

Wi-Fi Design and Troubleshooting – Wondering why your Wi-Fi performance is slow? Need Wi-Fi for a new space?

Mobile Device Management – Protect your company assets and data.

Just Handle I.T. is the registered trademark of Un1teee. All rights reserved

Locations Served

The bulk of our services are concentrated in the Conejo Valley, but given that we do have areas of specialty that aren’t as common, we have been known to wander outside the bounds of the Conejo Valley.

Primary cities served include:

Westlake Village
Thousand Oaks
Agoura Hills
Newbury Park

Just Handle I.T. is the registered trademark of Un1teee. All rights reserved


In the beginning

We started Un1teee (pronounced unity), at a time when it seemed like the I.T. (and financial) world was crashing back in 2009. The economy was in the tank, Stephen Yeoh went through a reduction in force at a local large company. There was a lot of uncertainty, budgets were tight, small businesses couldn’t afford to hire full-time, in-house I.T. support, and most I.T. folks simply did “break fix” instead of being an extension of the management team. We felt we would be able to help local small business with their outsourced I.T. needs – we were right. People started calling even before the filing of our business papers were complete.

Being in the technology field since 1983, Stephen has worked for small 5 person start-ups, all the way up to big corporations like Amgen and Praxair. This diverse group of companies has provided experience and expertise in many areas, ranging from software development, requirements analysis, project management, change management, process management, HIPAA, risk management, and strategic planning to name a few.

Geographic coverage

Today, we concentrate our services in the Conejo Valley (Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Oxnard, Camarillo, Ventura, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Agoura Hills etc), providing one stop I.T. services to our valued customers. This way, you have one accountable resource to go to!

We love being here in the Conejo Valley and give back to the community by serving on the boards of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Workforce Development Board.

Meaning of our name

In case you were wondering how we came up with the name Un1teee, here’s what it means:

  • The “Un” is significant because we unite people, process, and technology to function together, in a simple, reliable manner.
  • The 1 is significant because we provide a single source for all your I.T. needs, with qualified resources at your service – i.e. we just handle I.T. ®
  • Lastly, our philosophy is to simplify everything, and integrate every device, with access everywhere – hence the three e’s.
Just Handle I.T. is the registered trademark of Un1teee. All rights reserved


Stephen Yeoh, MBA, PMP 

1336 Moorpark Rd, Ste 188
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Call (805) 835-4352

Just Handle I.T. is the registered trademark of Un1teee. All rights reserved.