Our CEO found him on the Apple site, recommended him to me. After years of dealing with terrible techs, I was pleased to find that Mr. Yeoh is on time, efficient, and knows computers, software and how to ┬ámake my business better. He has integrity. He says what he means and means what he says, then finds ways to get it done. He thinks like a tech and a businessman. So many techs think only like computer geeks, but Mr. Yeoh can help you with both your computers and your business, if you need that or just your computers. He is a pleasure to work with. In a world of techs that speak gibberish, Mr. Yeoh speaks “solutions”. Solutions I can understand.

Brian Kraft
Recording, Radio & Film Connection

I highly recommend Un1teee! I own a small business that uses Macs and PCs. Stephen Yeoh was referred to me by my local Apple store business team because I was having trouble with Microsoft software compatibility with my Apple computer and phone.

Stephen came to my office to understand all of my business computing needs and issues. He explained the reasons I was having issues and made recommendations to resolve those issues and improve my business systems. He made sure I had the latest crash backup plan. He itemized prices for other improvements so I would be able to select what I thought I needed and my business could afford.

Un1teee’s GREATEST value came recently. One morning I discovered that someone had hacked my iMessage at 5 am and was using it! Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in my business so I was terrified that the hacker had accessed my firm’s data. I called Un1teee at 7 am. They have an emergency line! Stephen answered my emergency call and did what he could remotely, including reseting my passwords. By 10 am, he and another tech were at my office reviewing all of my computers to ensure that there were no further intrusions and improve my security. Within a few days, he again sent me itemized recommendations for firewalls and other security improvements for the long-term, including the Honda and Cadillac versions, with information about each so I could make informed decisions. I don’t know what I would do without Un1teee.

I have worked with many, many IT people before, both within big companies and since I have had my own business. Usually they know Macs or PCs, but they are not that knowledgeable about where the two meet. Also, if you have a small business, at first they act like your business is important to them, but when something stops working and you are in crisis, their priority is their bigger clients and you are in the back of the line. Not with Un1teee. My business is small, but they treat my issues with the same consideration and urgency as their biggest clients. And I know that they will be with me in the event of an emergency, like a crash or a hack. This is invaluable.

Sima S

Stephen has been an incredible help to our growing business. We contacted him to assist us with a wide variety of issues including email management, selecting a server solution, file management, general technical support, hardware and software set up, etc. Every step of the way, Stephen has helped us look at all the relevant options, weigh our needs and develop practical solutions. He is helping us navigate our growth wisely and plan for the future. I can’t recommend him more highly!

Laura Biswas
Managing Principal
Cadence Research

I was lucky enough to be recommended to Stephen and it has and continues to be well worth my time and money. Why? First and foremost his communication style that brings you into the equation by fully understanding what you do, what you need and what you are missing. His proactive approach in spending the time upfront and clearly understanding what you are asking for as well as the clarity in his response so you understand what you need. Then his wide knowledge of the solutions, the costs and the time to help in budgeting going forward. He is a one stop back office IT department for me. I wouldn’t make an IT move without his expertise. Highly recommend the services of this firm.

Michele B
Financial Planner

The consultant was able to perform an entire network setup from scratch including a mix of Macs and PCs. He was extremely knowledgeable in setting up the server and all users as well as helping each user with their individual workstations. He has been very timely in responding to any problems and continues to support us as an IT resource.

Bill C